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OUR TRAVEL & TOURS – Easily Explore your World!

In every country and city that we serve, we pull together an exciting array of local and regional tours and packages.  Each offering is added with you and your family in mind.

We negotiate discounts, services and terms that work best for the diplomat and expat community*.

Our goal: A rich selection of options, pre-screened for quality and service, at a price that is better than if you search on your own!

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City Living Tours

These are the activities arranged to help you ‘LIVE’ better in your city:

  • Orientation tours
  • Shopping
  • Restaurant
  • Medical tours

Regional and Adventure Tours

These tours and packages give you access to all the region has to offer, without worrying about quality, service, safety, or price!

  • Self-drive itineraries
  • Escorted and Unescorted Tours
  • Regional Sightseeing
  • Vacation Packages

Book Air, Hotel, Car and Cruises!

We know you still want to book your own travel. So we make available our global booking and search system with full availability of fares and several other booking options!

  • Discounts for members
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* offerings may differ depending on location and membership status