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Info in the ‘Great Tours’ Category

 What is it?

Tours incorporating exploration, eco and nature experiences, hiking, camping, biking and other exotic exposures to the region.

Tours are provided by reputable operators who are selected for their expertise, capabilities, safety and service quality.

Our service allows you to research, book and obtain special discounts on the most interesting ones available. Read more


 What is it?

Escorted half day tour introducing clients to useful institutions, attractions and places around town.

Includes utility companies, phone/cable/internet company, post office, banks, bus/train stations, auto repair service stations or rental car agencies, post office, police station, university, and libraries.

Supplemental activities could include account registration if prior appointments have been made with managers for an expedited enrollment process. Read more


 What is it?

Escorted tour of city restaurants to sample and introduce clients to the cuisine available in the city. 

Tours may include 2-4 restaurants and provide a sampling of dishes that highlight the specialties of the chef.

Our Travel Advisors try to negotiate a discount for returning guests, or all members, as appropriate. Read more


 What is it?

Escorted half day tour to local medical facilities such as hospitals, private practice clinics, dentists, pharmacies and veterinarians.

Supplemental activities could include registration at facilities, demonstration of emergency room process, and discussion on how to call emergency services, if available.

Clients are generally introduced to private practice doctors for a facility tour and introduction to specialties and services. Read more


 What is it?

Tours of the more interesting, and out of the way, sights in the region.

Tours are organized in partnership with reputable local operators and may be escorted or self-guided.

Our service selects the most interesting tours to ensure a broad exposure to the country and region, without sacrificing service quality or value.  Read more


 What is it?

Pre-researched itineraries for clients to use when driving within the region.

Tour itineraries provide preferred routes, sights to see along the route, fuel stop/restaurant availability, Toll/Fee locations and tips. Passport/border crossing directions.

Preferred hotels – which we book at discount. Best times to travel and avoid routes. Read more


 What is it?

Escorted half or full day tour demonstrating local shopping tips at significant locations around town.

Includes major supermarkets, meat and fish stores, farmers markets, crafts markets, and shops ranging from larger department stores/malls to smaller artisanal shops.

Supplemental activities could include discussions on specialty items found in that country, customs on bartering/tipping, rules on VAT/sales tax, availability of in-home delivery options, and registration for frequent buyer programs. Read more