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Foreign Assignment was started in 2010 by current and former expats and members of the diplomatic community who saw a consistent need for better travel and leisure options while on ‘foreign assignment’ overseas.

They conducted extensive research in over 25 countries with hundreds of expats and diplomats…and the response was a resounding “YES! – Help us enjoy our time here…and get us some great services!”

The unique aspects of  the business are:-

  • we focus on diplomats and expats, their community, and people with similar needs and circumstances
  • we develop and negotiate great tours, travel and trip options based on the unique and important needs of diplomats and expats as they explore their environment
  • we provide information to help new arrivals, and current residents, tap into the resources and services useful throughout the ‘life-cycle’ of an assignment
  • we actively integrate current members of the community as advisors, guides and staff of the business. These people know exactly what it is like to live in a new city, and are passionate about helping others

Through the tireless efforts of our staff, and great relationships with local and global partners, Foreign Assignment delivers an expansive range of highly targeted travel and leisure services along with excellent service and value.

Foreign Assignment is a growing company…and we plan to be wherever you need us to be - on yourForeign Assignment“!


Foreign Assignment is a business venture of Global Aviation Research LLC and it’s venture partners.
Foreign Assignment LLC provides leisure travel services is not affiliated with any government entity or agency.