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We’re dedicated to bringing great travel and leisure options to anyone who finds themselves in one of our cities on ‘Foreign Assignment’! 
 Brief Summary Below.
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  • City Orientation Tours
    - Exploration of the city focused on living in it!
  • Shopping Tours
    - Let us take you straight to the shopping stores that matter for daily living!
  • City Restaurant Tours
    - Fun and diverse look at culinary delights!
  • Medical & Hospital Tours
    - We all get sick and accidents happen…here’s who, where, and what you need to know before that 2am fever!
  • Self-Driving Tours
    - Take your own car…and our itinerary to thoroughly enjoy your road tripping!
  • Adventure Travel Tours
    - Not the ‘tour’ type? We have some unique adventures for you!
  • Regional Sightseeing Tours
    - Don’t want to miss all that the region has to offer…take our organized tours!


  • City Information Website
    - Each city has hundreds of resources hand-picked for your use!
  • City Living & Culture Briefing
    - Sit down with us for a candid talk about life and leisure in the city!
  • Weekly Event Listings
    - Sign up to get a weekly digest of what’s coming up in the city!
  • Restaurant Discount Program
    - Like to eat out? We get you great value at top restaurants!
  • Language Tutorial and Exchange
    - Brush up on, or dig deep into, the local language!


  • Airport Shuttle Transport
    - Convenient, Safe, Courteous transport to and from the airport!
  • Work Shuttle Transport
    - Share a convenient, safe shuttle to the office and back!
  • Vacation Pet Care
    - Can’t take Fido or Mimi ? No problem, we have someone to care for them while you’re on vacation!

Go AheadExplore our wide range of services that make your assignment that much more enjoyable!

We do…because we’re just like you…on “Foreign Assignment” too! 

See What’s Available on Each City Site AND at the Foreign Assignment™ Store!

NOTE: Service availability varies in every city based on deand, service providers, city classification and membership status.


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